Wollongong Revival Fellowship
Wollongong Revival Fellowship
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Welcome to The Wollongong Revival Fellowship web site. Our web site is for the purpose of providing information for people who wish to find out more about what we believe. You will find further information from our main website:  http://www.trf.org.au/main.asp

Who are we?

We are a group of people who are reviving the early church Christianity of the Bible times and seeing the same powerful miracles that they experienced.

The Revival Fellowship is part of a world-wide spiritual awakening – people everywhere are realising that the Bible has a clear answer to the question “What must I do to be saved?” (Acts11:14) For without Salvation no one can receive eternal life.

The Christian Church began almost 2000 years ago – the Bible tells us that the disciples were gathered together waiting for what Jesus had called ‘the promise of the Father’. On the day of Pentecost (a Jewish feast day) they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in new tongues – new languages.

We are a group of people who have found comfort, peace and happiness in our new life, walking in the spirit of Jesus Christ. We enjoy the company, friendship and fellowship of others in our wonderful family.

We invite you to join us so you too can enjoy the freedom of living in the grace of our Lord. We invite you to attend our next Sunday meeting, relax over a cup of tea or coffee and ask us all those questions that are on your mind and explore your spirituality and the Christian faith as the Bible presents it.

Our role is not to expound our own interpretation of what is in the Bible, but to simply direct you to the relevant scripture or scriptures that answer your questions. If you are seeking the TRUTH, only the TRUTH will set you free.

Where to find us
Pastor Tim Rogers
Phone: Mob 0418 832 391
Meetings: Corrimal Community Centre, 15 Short St, Corrimal (side entrance).
Contact: Chris Brown
Phone: (02) 4421-3019
Email: ccbrowncow@yahoo.com.au
Meetings: Huskisson Community Centre, Dent Street, Huskisson 3:00 pm
(Not every Sunday - ring first)

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To arrange a Bible study or view a DVD in your home go to our Contact Us page.


For more information email admin at:  wollongongrevival@gmail.com



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